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We Offer a Range of Services to Meet Your Needs

Air Duct Cleaning & HVAC Cleaning

Cleaning your ducts significantly improves your Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). Poor IAQ can cause many adverse health effects, such as increased suffering for those with asthma; a build up in the levels of dust, bacteria, fungus, and mites; and an exacerbation in allergy symptoms. For instance, a significant amount of those with allergies are affected directly from the fungi and bacteria harbored in air ducts that are not cleaned regularly.


Enviroduct proficiently and skillfully cleans your air ducts. We go to great lengths to see that your HVAC system is properly cleaned – our combined method of high powered truck mounted vacuum and high pressure air tools leave your system purified and refreshed. These tools agetate the dirt from the ducts back into the truck.


Air Scrubbers & Dehumidifiers

Scrubber systems are a diverse group of air pollution control devices, used to remove particulates from the indoor environments.

Dehumidifiers are used to remove the moisture from the air and prevent mold growth. 

Coiling Cleaning

Coil Cleaning should be done regularly. It's the heart of the unit. Coils play an important role in the cooling process. It's important to keep them maintained to help ensure the high performance of your A/C unit. This will help prevent mold and bacteria from growing in and on your unit. 

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Dryer Vent Cleaning

Having Enviroduct clean your dryer vent can not only help prevent the hazard of a house fire, but also enable your dryer to perform more efficiently. 


Cleaning your dryer is not only highly recommended, it's a safety protocol. A clean dryer vent can keep your dryer from overheating and allow your clothes to dry faster.

Chimney Cleaning 

Creosote results from the residue that is built up inside your chimney when a burning fire is exhausted through it. The cooler air creates condensation, which attaches itself to the lining of the chimney. This creosote presents a fire hazard. Therefore, the National Fire Protection Association standard calls for home chimneys to be inspected and cleaned at least once a year.​

Image by Uwe Conrad
Image by Jezael Melgoza

Mold Remediation

Mold Remediation is the process involved in eliminating mold growth. It includes mold testing, removal, demolition, sanitizing, containment and mold cleaning.


Enviroduct is NYS Certified in Mold Remediation. 

Mini Split

Environduct is well experienced in Mini Split Systems. We use specialized equipment to clean the two main components, the fan and coil, which are the outdoor compressor and indoor air handling unit. This should be done every one to two years to prevent mold and debris build up. 

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